Changes Are Afoot, or should we say a flipper ...

November 2017 .

In September we fare-welled Warren Keedle under whom the museum experienced a wonderful period of economic growth, financial stability and new direction. 

His introduction of several new initiatives enhanced the experience afforded to visitors to the museum. 

Warren enjoyed bringing in fossils from around the world for sale in the Grossi gift shop and these fossil sales undoubtedly improved both profitability to the shop & the financial stability of the museum in general. 

The legacy Warren left the Age of Fishes Museum is not only a new attitude to customer/visitor experience which will no doubt live on for a long time to come but also as exciting and inclusive environment.

Thank you Warren, thank you for a wonderful journey - you will be very much missed.

And so, on 16 Oct 2017 the Age of Fishes Museum takes great pleasure in welcoming Anne Clark to the role of  Manager of the museum.

Anne comes to us from a teaching background, and with over 30 years experience in teaching in  public, private and International and tertiary education, we're anticipating new and engaging adventures on the horizon

With a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) under her wing, Anne, the author of 12 text books, has not  only taught science, biology and agriculture in her years in the standard educational stream but has also taught at TAFE, and the department of Parks & Wildlife.

As co-owner of a refrigeration transport business (14 yrs) and currently co-owner of the Adret Pastoral Co. she has experience in budgets, strategic planning & business planning.

So with open arms council, staff and volunteers welcome Anne aboard and look forward to a new era of growth and change for the museum with her leadership & guidance.

PS Anne is a little shy so if want to see what she looks like behind the monitor, you might have to visit 

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