Renate & Colin Do Western Australia

Volunteers to the Age of Fishes Renate and Colin have recently returned from their trip to Northam,Western Australia for the Australian National Balloon Championships held there in September this year. 

 On their way home they travelled around the south western corner of West Australia. Though the trip was originally intended to be three to four months duration sadly the weather in Western Australia had other plans leaving a fine (thankfully) 2 weeks in Northam for the competition (Crewing for Anton Kerr along with Matthew Rice, plus Jan & Graham Kerr of Balloon Joy Flights).
Along with the Kerrs (Jan & Graham), Renate & Colin headed for the Margaret River region via Fremantle for a few days R&R. While the weather was great they went on winery crawls and visited cheese and chocolate factories. While Jan and Graham had to head home to  business. Renate and  Colin continued on with sight seeing and the occasional cave visit.

Eventually heading down to Walpole and Albany, when the heavens opened they did an did an Eco Cruise on the Nornalup inlet where the guide, an interesting man with a sound knowledge of Australia's geological history started talking about a large fish fossil find in central NSW.  When he expressed he would love to learn more about it,  Colin was happy to inform him that one of his tasks at Age of Fishes Museum is as a tour guide. This was enough to get their guide very exited and asking a zillion questions about our museum in Canowindra.  

 Albany was a washout. They were there for just over a week and it poured every day. In  one 24 hour period they had 80mm plus of rain. Though hoping for a drier time in  Esperance it wasn't to be and upon leaving Albany they were diverted to detours due to road washouts. 

On one fine one day though they were able to see went “Stonehenge” a granite  replica of the original henge on England's Salisbury Plain, reproduced  down to the finest detail. Worth a look if ever you are there.

The bad weather followed them back across the Nullarbor to South Australia and though they had intended to go into the North Flinders Ranges it was decided to abort the rest of the trip and head home arriving with the rain in tow, a dry and thirsty Canowindra thanked them.

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